Alliance for the Arts announces artists for billboard campaign

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The Alliance for the Arts has announced the participating artists of Art Lives Here. The campaign transforms billboard space throughout Lee County into public art. It is made possible by Alliance season sponsor Carter Outdoor.

Of the submitted works, the Art Lives Here committee juried in local artists Tania Alves, Bruce MacKechnie, Doug Smithwick, Khaysie Tiburcio and Susi Wingenroth.

The project, now in its third year, aims to bring artwork outside of the traditional context of museum and gallery walls, bringing attention to emerging artists’ work and making the arts accessible to all.

For more information call 239-939-2787 or visit

About the Artworks:

“Blue Magic” by Tania Alves

Blue Magic by Tania Alves

I’m often inspired by a color combination and my emotions. I love the freedom of allowing the art appear as I mix the colors on the canvas. I’m repeatedly surprised of where we end, the final work on the canvas and how my heart is full.

“Fandiggity Fandango” by Bruce MacKechnie

Fandiggity Fandango by Bruce MacKechnie

I am inspired by the challenge of translating a composition created with mouse clicks into the physical world of paint strokes. As subject matter, I am interested in how pure abstraction is so wide open to interpretation. For this reason, I enjoy playing around with shapes, colors, and compositions to see what comes out of the process—especially surprises and unforeseen meanings. The billboard piece ended up having an exuberance and rhythm that seemed to express some sort of lively, joyful dance, hence the title, “Fandiggity Fandango.”

“Art Within Their Souls” by Khaysie Tiburcio

Art Within Their Souls by Khaysie Tiburcio

I wanted to create a piece that represented the impact that art has on the painter. This artwork includes portraits of Basquiat, Picasso, and Andy Warhol, morphing into their masterpieces. This is used as a metaphor to express how art becomes a part of the artist.

“Frame of Reference” by Susi Wingenwroth

Frame of Reference 1 by Susi Wingenroth

This painting shows the morning sun radiating through the cypress trees in the wild heart of the wetlands. It is intended as a call to those who see it to enjoy, care for and preserve these wild places.  When we look up from our busy lives and notice our home, beautiful living planet Earth, we see a frame of reference for making healthier choices to preserve the planet for all living beings and for future generations.

“Sun is Out” by Doug Smithwick

Sun Is Out by Doug Smithwick

This painting is reminiscent of happy times, like summertime in Norfolk, Virginia where I grew up. My family used to take us to Ocean View Amusement Park just about every weekend. I’ll never forget the colors, the great rollercoaster, Ferris wheel and merry go round. I can still smell the cotton candy. The 1950s were the happiest times in U.S history. World War Two had just ended and our economy was bouncing back. However, winters were grey and cold. We all went to Disneyworld during the winter when it first opened. No grey skies there! I was sold on Florida. I moved here in the 80’s and never regretted the decision.”


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