An interview with the new Naples Art ambassador

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Interviewee: Art, Naples Art’s Ambassador (Art)
Interviewer: Naples Art media representative (NA)

NA: “Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce you to Art, Naples Art’s new ambassador for the visual arts! Art, thank you for joining us.”
Art: “Thank you for welcoming me. I’m so excited to be here!

NA: So, you’ve joined us here, having just stepped off the model’s platform in a human forms drawing class. What made you decide to transition from model to spokesperson for the visual arts at Naples Art?
Art: Great question! Art has long been viewed as something that other people do, something that only skilled people do or something that you look at from a distance. I thought that needed to change. Art is fun, interactive, participatory, stress relieving, exciting – and all of it is made better with friends… Naples Art provides all of this, and I want to make sure people are aware of all of the benefits and possibilities.

NA: Art, what a great explanation and so true! What do you appreciate most about Naples Art?
Art: Really, it’s the continued dedication of everyone involved to constantly review and update not only what is offered, but how it’s offered. For instance, we still offer our beloved and popular watercolor painting classes, but we’ve added things like movie makeup artistry, and they are available in-studio on property at our beautiful downtown location just off 5th as well as online making it easy and welcoming for all… that really sums it up, it’s art for all.

NA: Art, give us a quick sample of the selection available that potential students may find of interest.
Art: Online sampling- there’s photorealistic illustration, layered imagery collage and what is becoming a favorite- therapeutic finger painting! In-Studio samples we have pottery wheel throwing, glass jewelry, acrylic pour painting and the classics like watercolor, acrylic and oil painting for all levels.

NA: Where do people go to find out about these classes and other opportunities at Naples Art?
Art: All the classes are detailed at under LEARN & TEACH. And for something else interesting you can also go to SHOP and discover our fun and very unique online gift store- Originals!

NA: Well, I know many of our friends reading this right now are having their interest piqued and will be jumping online to learn more. Art, where will be seeing you next…?
Art: Oh… can’t disclose anything about that yet… you’ll just have to wait and see, but I promise you’ll being seeing a lot more of me around town.

Find out more about Naples Art programming at


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