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ArtBeat Studios: The art of decorating with art

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Are you uncertain how to incorporate art into your home? The professionals at ArtBeat Studios Gallery and Gifts can help. Located at 1400 Colonial Blvd., suite 35, Fort Myers, ArtBeat Studios has just the right piece for you.
It’s often helpful to group art pieces with a common theme. Choose a few coordinating colors and find some artwork you like with those colors in common. You don’t need to stick with paintings or canvases—you can display photos, pop art or vintage posters, too.
It is important to make sure your artwork represents you. Choose art that you like, that reflects your interests. Opt for art that speaks to you and your personality. Never choose art or art styles because they are popular or trendy.

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Consider the space you are decorating. Do you want to add a sense of calm to a bedroom or inject an energetic vibe to your office or kitchen? Look for pieces that make you feel good in your own home.
Think outside the box: If you typically are drawn to neutrals or black & white, try going out of your comfort zone by choosing at least one piece with a punch of color. Art doesn’t have to be serious! Find pieces that make you smile and uplift your mood.
Hanging artwork can be a challenge, and this is where a site like Pinterest may be helpful. Gallery walls can be organized and pulled together by creating a tight, geometric arrangement, or be more organic and free-flowing. Take height into consideration when hanging artwork. In a dining room or sitting room, hang your artwork a little lower than in rooms or hallways where you’re usually standing.
Many Florida homes have awkward spaces. Whether you need decorating on the lanai or on an 12” wall, the talented artists at ArtBeat Studios can create an original piece just for you.
Plan to come to ArtBeat Studios’ monthly “Meet the Artists” night. Held on the third Thursday of each month, it’s a great time to speak with artists about commissioning art for your home or office. The next one is set for Thursday, June 16 from 5 to 7 p.m. Contact the gallery at 239-225-9770 or visit online at

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