Artists sought for Frida’s Flowers invitational exhibition at DAAS Co-Op Gallery

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DAAS Co-Op Art Gallery & Gifts is seeking the work of a number of Southwest Florida artists, invited and challenged to create pieces inspired by the iconic surrealist painter Frida Kalho. The exhibition will feature works in multiple mediums, following the prospectus on the gallery’s website.
Originally planned for April, the opening reception is now scheduled for Friday, July 4 from 6 to 10 p.m, in conjunction with the monthly Fort Myers Art Walk event. The exhibition will be on display through July 25.
The deadline for delivering artwork for the show is June 23 – 27.
Luis Jimenez is one of the members of DAAS Co-Op. Just like the rest of the membership, he was invited to include a piece or two in the show. His piece, a pyrography sketch painted with acrylics and other water-based mediums, is a depiction of the Mexican artist and an ode to her life and work. “The symbolism on my work represent what we humans take with us when we die,” comments Jimenez.
“She [Kalho] took with her all the pain through her romantic life, accidents, sickness, but not forgetting her artistic achievements doing what she loved, which was making art,” concludes the artist, who has been an active member of the gallery since April of 2019.
For president and member artist David Acevedo, Frida is an idol and an incredible source of inspiration. “I do not know or fully understand my connection to this woman and how I feel when I contemplate her paintings,” says Acevedo, who is also participating in the invitational exhibition.
“She persevered through the heartaches, ailments and so many other circumstances, but never gave up. She was resilient and always found a way to continue painting and that, I think, it’s very much how I am. Frida lives in my heart and that is why we wanted to dedicate this exhibition to her,” adds the artist, who is also preparing for a major solo exhibition at the Sydney and Berne Davis Art Center in July.
DAAS Co-Op invites all Southwest Florida art collectors, supporters and enthusiasts to join us for the opening reception. As always, the gallery will be filled with the most beautiful inventory of art, fine crafts, apparel, sculptures, pottery and jewelry, all produced here by the member artists.
DAAS Co-Op is located at 1815 Fowler St., Unit 3, in Fort Myers. The gallery is currently closed for public health and safety reasons. More information about gallery and/or how to become a member can be found at or by calling 239-590-8645.


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