Arts for ACT Gallery will feature Kristina Jackson

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Arts for ACT Gallery will feature the work of Kristina Jackson in the main gallery in September, while volunteer artists at ACT will be showcased in the white gallery.
Both exhibits will open Friday, Sept. 4 from 4 to 6 p.m. at Arts for ACT Gallery, located at 2265 First St. in downtown Fort Myers.
“My paintings are a story told in color. I paint every day and often come home to my teenagers and their friends sitting around the table drawing, painting or outside doing chalk art. Art has permeated our home, winding its way into everything we do, it’s not just about the canvas, it’s about enjoying life and projecting those feelings into something tangible,” says Kristina Jackson. “Art is self discovery, regardless of its form; paint, music, dance, writing. It exists in everything as long as we take the time to see it; I had lost that joy when my focus was in the push of the expected rather than the push of life.” She is currently working on a poetry art book.
Arts for ACT Gallery co-op artists and volunteers will exhibit in the white gallery for the month of September. This exhibit will include new works by our working artists. The exhibit will be an eclectic group show with mixed media, fine crafts, art journaling, jewelry, art clothing, oil and acrylic paintings and more.
This exhibit continues to Monday, Sept. 28.

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