Camilo Perez at Ollie Mack Gentry Photography’s gallery

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Camilo Perez has announced his newest Exhibition: Reflective Fragments, a collection of his artworks executed in watercolors and ink, on textured paper, with an underlying concept of fragments to simulate the effect of stained-glass designs.
Born in South America –Honda, Tolima, Colombia—Camilo moved to the United States during his late teens. As a naturalized citizen, he embraces the responsibilities afforded to his status. Through hard work and respect for all civic duties, he continues to contribute to society in every way possible. Camilo is striving for the American Dream, where equal rights and opportunities are the thriving force behind the development and achievements of all regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.
For Camilo, as an artist, expressing creativity takes shape in the form of line drawings. His mostly abstract designs are colorful, complex, and structured.
“Their meaning to me is that of life’s complexity and diversity, their societal meaning derived from the observation of how each element of the artwork is a separate building block, defined by boundaries, yet an important part of a larger structure. That’s what I believe is the role of each human being in society.”
As an experienced artist, Camilo has participated in numerous events including Chicago’s Halsted Street Market Days (2010, 2011, 2012), Andersonville’s Midsummer Fest (2013,2014), DAAS Gallery’s Second Saturdays events (since November 2016), and over 10 Fort Myers Art Walks.
Experience artwork from Camilo’s latest exhibition: Reflective Fragments throughout the month of April at Ollie Mack Gentry Photography’s Gallery located inside Grand Illusion Creative Resources at 2443 First St. in downtown Fort Myers. Meet Camilo himself and watch him create new pieces during one of the artist social events at the gallery, scheduled for April 7 and 21 during the monthly Art Walk and Music Walk (starting at 6 pm). For more information, visit


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