DAAS Co-Op Gallery features Stan

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In the month of May, DAAS Co-Op Art Gallery & Gifts is showcasing the artwork of visual artist Stan. The opening reception for his collection entitled Kiss This is scheduled for Friday, May 5 from 6 to 9:30 p.m. in conjunction with the monthly Fort Myers Art Walk. The exhibition will be on display through May 28.
The artist, who prefers the single name Stan, creates rich and exuberant pieces, with heavy textures and vivid colors. More than creativity, his artwork has been part of a healing process. “My paintings are much more than just technique with color and they could not have been done at any other time in my life, if at all. These paintings are the result of a tragic and hard journey to recover from a deep sadness and utter loneliness as a bereaved parent – a depression that I could not release its grip on me until 2018, when I suffered a massive spiral fracture to my left leg skateboarding a pool,” comments Stan, who has transformed tragedy into strength.
“They’re raw [paintings], colorful and bold. It’s taken me 14 years, since my 11 year old daughter died in 2004, for me to be inspired like I am now. Interestingly enough, it also took a massive injury that could’ve understandably catapult me into a deeper depression, yet has inspired me through the pain, frustration and agony. Although, I suffer from PTSD I’m alive again and creating,” adds the artist, who has no formal training, but many years of experience including a professional faux-finishing career.

Kiss This features a variety of large scale pieces, with a pop-like style mixed with a graffiti aspect. Sensual lips with exiting color and bold backgrounds, framed by splashes of even more color, propose an unapologetic approach to the medium. “There is a quality to Stan’s artwork and each piece is captivatingly communicating with you, as the viewer,” says DAAS Co-Op co-founder and artist Xavier Brignoni. “I love color, texture and aggressiveness in art and Stan’s pieces are all of that and more,” says Brignoni, who is also the venue’s exhibitions coordinator.
DAAS Co-Op Art Gallery & Gifts is located at 1815 Fowler St. in the Butterfly Estates complex in downtown Fort Myers. The gallery’s business hours are Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. More information about the venue and how to become a member can be found at or by calling 239-590-8645.


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