Harbour View Gallery to feature Alfonso Segovia and Rick Aliperti in June

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The public is invited to visit Harbour View Gallery, which is now open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., to see the eye-catching creations of its June featured artists.

Alfonso Segovia, the nationally and internationally known acrylic and oil artist, says his paintings and sculptures bear the magic of his fiction and non-fiction writings that project his endless dreaming soul. His paintings have appeared on local and national television and he has exhibited his work in many venues including galleries in New York City and Chicago as well as Italy and Spain.

Segovia’s creative art interest started during his childhood in Barranquilla, Colombia. His reputation as a painter and writer was recognized by his art teachers and fellow students during his school years. “I believe one is born with art deeply rooted in one’s soul,” he said.

Segovia’s passion for art enabled him to utilize color and form to illustrate his universal world vision of reality and fantasy. “My butterflies, which play a major role in my work, have a human touch without losing their metamorphosis,” he said. “They do things that all humans do in our daily environment with the help of their proboscis, legs and wings. I developed my own style which is known for its intricate miniature art formed by circles on the vibrant wings of my created insects and winged-women.”

 “I have endeavored to master a variety of techniques and attempted to create my seascapes in a way that captures an interesting perspective of the beauty, serenity and strength of the sea as well as its dynamic power and magical surrealism,” added Segovia. “My hope is that people will see a vision of their imaginations in my recent, cutting-edge abstracts as the world moves to a ‘new normal.’

Alfonso Segovia

Potter Rick Aliperti will spotlight his creative work at the gallery throughout June and July. He hails from Long Island New York but moved to Cape Coral in 2005. His journey in clay began in 1969 after he saw a program on American Indian pottery.

 “In 1970, I took a few classes at a local pottery studio, purchased a kick wheel and kiln, and soon began producing pottery in my parents’ basement while attending college,” said Aliperti. “During that time, I won numerous awards while selling my pottery at craft fairs. It wasn’t long before I began teaching classes.”

In 1972, Aliperti took a position running after school programs focused on pottery. Starting in 1975 until retirement in 2019, he worked in sales, but continued to create pottery in his spare time.

“Today my wife, Margaret, and I run The Pottery Court from our home located adjacent to MaryJane’s Preserve, a Gopher-Tortoise preserve we own in southwest Cape Coral,” explained Aliperti.

His work spans a wide range of clayware, from burnished pit-fired blackware, sculptured whistles, tiles, and specialty plates to wheel thrown pots. He runs small personalized classes focused on pottery slabs, creating platters and pots along with clay whistles.

The member artists of Harbour View Gallery have been busy creating new works during the recent pandemic quarantine, so there is a fresh variety of art awaiting visitors to enjoy during the summer.

Harbour View Gallery is located at 5789 Cape Harbour Drive, suite 104, Cape Coral. For more details, call 239-540-5789 or visit online at


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