Hirdie Girdie Gallery welcomes Ursula Cappelletti in January

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Hirdie Girdie Gallery begins the new year by welcoming January guest artist Ursula Cappelletti.
Ursula is originally from Germany, and was educated in Europe, including a six-year program of fiber arts at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Working with various materials such as fabrics, rope, wood, paper and wire gave Ursula an appreciation of texture in art.
The opportunity to touch and feel the materials used, and then to cause color to flow in an exciting, momentous way is an integral part of Ursula’s creative process. Ursula’s current work combines paint on canvas, often with mixed media, to form abstract designs.
She uses brushes, palette knives, diverse materials, and an array of tools, including her hands, to create additional texture. As important as texture is in her work, color is the prize that dominates each piece, and the interaction of colors is the primary objective of her painting. Whether the colors are bold or subtle, one can feel the flow of shapes intermingling or jumping off the canvas depending on how she has defined and interpreted the color selection.
Ursula believes that color influences every aspect of our lives, and she developed her sense of color and design through never ending observation and practice. Ursula’s inspiration is influenced by embracing past experiences, living every day’s events, and focusing on the uniqueness of life that surrounds us. The results are beautiful abstract paintings that are a thoughtfully choreographed dance of color, texture, and movement.
Hirdie Girdie Gallery is located at 2490 Library Way, Sanibel.
For more about the gallery, call 239-395-0027 or visit


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