Lesley Morrow at ACT Gallery

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Arts for ACT Gallery will feature Lesley Morrow in January. An opening reception will be held Friday, Jan. 7 from 6 to 9 p.m. during the monthly Fort Myers art Walk.
Lesley Morrow is an artist whose paintings are bold, raw and sensitive to the eye. She expresses the feminine experience, and the mystique through contemporary portraiture that has included both celebrity and iconic women. Capturing not only the strength, she sees in these women and their faces but also the chaos behind the façade as she sets a mood. Through the body of her work, you can see a roadmap, almost a narrative, of the pieces of her psyche in such a way as to find her own core strength.
Lesley Morrow’s art is a door to a world of colors where the blues and purples accentuate the images of her subjects. Many of these, created under the detailed inspiration of her psyche, act as guides and partners on our journey – one that they live, feel and breathe. Witnessing her work, automatically one feels as if you are becoming part of the portraits she creates. These are similar to the faces of familiar people in our lives.
Her color palette provides the perfect balance of strong and weaker hues, creating a state of contemplation, forcing us to be part of the subject’s history, brought to life by the power of the artist’s mind. With her creativity and skilled hand, she produces beauty, thought, strength, wisdom and over all, the power of portraying the human spirit.
Lesley is an artist in residence at the Union Artist Studios in Fort Myers, where she now breathes her passion through acrylic, oil, airbrush and mixed media. She has exhibited in many SW Florida galleries.
ACT Gallery is located at 2265 First St. in Fort Myers.


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