Lorne’s Gallery, Frame Gallery & Gifts are longtime assets to local arts community

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Lorne’s Gallery is situated at The Westin and next door to Pinchers Crab Shack at Tarpon Point Marina. Gallery owners Barbara and Lorne Hosack have spent most of their lives producing and selling coastal art. This family operation located at Tarpon Point Marina is an extension of their imagination.
Aside from being extremely interesting to pass through and look at all the sundries at Lorne’s Gallery the view of all the wonderful boats and restaurants is something that looks like it should be in Naples. If you spend five minutes sauntering through the 3,000 square-foot gallery, you won’t have seen it all. There’s so much to see. With over 500 pictures stacked here in there and over 20,000 images in print exclusive to Lorne’s Gallery and their other gallery, Frame Gallery and Gifts, there’s too much to comprehend.
Additionally, the galleries offer high end printing. They have thousands of images that are exclusive to them. “That means that we own the originals, we own the printing rights, and we do the printing ourselves,” says Lorne. “The newest process is called giclee printing. After scanning the original and color correcting it in the computer, we are able to change the size and color of anything that they print. And then after printing, they are the framers we frame small we frame big and we frame with our customers in mind. We are picky with our art and with the framing process.”
He adds, “For example, we do small things, we do big things, we do the hard jobs that most people shutter about doing; we make it easy. Barbara is excellent at color matching. She can find the right color blend of mats to produce a wonderful extension of the artwork that you want framed.”
Lorne says, “One of our favorite pieces of art that we do is our local charts. These charts are nautical charts that we put artwork on. … It’s not just a map, it’s a piece of art then we print and frame this wonderful piece of art. The end result is something that is informative because you can show your guests where the names are of all the places you want to go and it still decorative.”
The main gallery, that’s been located on Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral for 30 years, is across from Wal-mart and approximately 5,000 square feet. For those customers who have a hard time deciding what image they will like in their home, they offer something called a 24 hour check out. This allows the buyer to take a framed piece of art home or several and look at that them in their own environment. This really helps an individual find the perfect piece for their home.
Some of the many artists the galleries represent include David Belling, CP Wyatt and Rick Kelley.
Frame Gallery and Gifts is located at 1830 Del Prado Blvd. in Cape Coral, and can be reached by calling 239-574-5111. Lorne’s Gallery is located in unit 105 at the Marina Village at Tarpon Point in Cape Coral and can be reached by calling 239-945-0866. Visit online at


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