Thursday, November 30

Lucid exhibit at Cape Coral Art Center features FGCU alumni

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The Cape Coral art Center will host the Lucid exhibit Jan. 7 – 27 with a gallery reception set for Friday, Jan. 14 from 5 to 7 p.m.
Lucid is a contemporary exhibition concentrating on the complexities of the subconscious mind. During a lucid dream, the brain becomes aware that it has entered a dream-like realm, allowing the dreamer to feel everything as if it were reality.

Joshua Coe

Those who have achieved this state of mind can either replicate astonishing fantasies or be trapped in a waking nightmare. This phenomenon has kept dreamers in a constant state of suspense, never truly knowing what they will experience when the lights are off.
Created through the collaborative efforts of eight FGCU alumni, these artists celebrate the freedom of exploring their imagination and the intrusive thoughts that run wild throughout.

Brennon Huseman

Participating artists include Farrah Alkhadra, Jessa Barone, Meg Brunner, Joshua Coe, Brennon Huseman, Maddy Huseman, Marcela Pulgarin and Michael Santacroce A dizzying eccentricity permeates through each artist’s work, generating daring creations reflecting the subliminal mind. Through a vast array of mediums ranging from two-dimensional and three-dimensional practices, the artists stray from the traditional and create works that are innovative, perplexing, and thrilling.

Meg Brunner

This exhibit invites the artists to explore distorted realities and warped perspectives that transport the viewer into the deep folds of the human psyche. Each piece delves further into the very fabric of different dreamscapes, creating new expressive worlds for the viewer to fathom. At times jubilant and others distressing, Lucid encompasses the full spectrum of the subconscious mind and perpetuates the question: When we all fall asleep where do we go?”
Lucid exhibit curator is Michael Santacroce.
Cape Coral Art Center is located at Rubicond Park, 4533 Coronado Parkway, Cape Coral. Call 239-242-3802 for more details.


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