Neenie’s House premieres The East Palm Club (indoors)

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Summer is here, and a lot of outdoor events will cease to exist for awhile.
So Janeen Vanko, owner of Neenie’s House, had to come up with an indoor space for her events. She has re-invented her interior space as a “bohemian chic” nightclub. No weather issues now. The East Palm Club will be an available space for those who want to do house shows. Neenie’s has had a lot of “drop the mic” type shows in her outdoor venue. But she sees the need for these artists to take the next step up, and perform their artistry in a nightclub setting, doing a whole set of their repertoire. So the thought is to have a more chill environment, spotlighting performers, doing jazz or R&B. But she would love to have a comedy night, or opera. Anything is possible. The space is intimate, so a trio would probably be the max group. But the single artist performance is really what she would like to see happen.
In Neenie’s effort to create a Funkytown in East Fort Myers, she has given a platform to upcoming artists to get their artistry on. Opening the East Palm Club, will be another venue for performers to do their show in an air conditioned, and really cool space. Currently, every Tuesday night at 8 pm, is a free show of live music.
The recent opening night went really well. Everyone loved the feel of the club, along with dancing out on the patio. So come check it out on a Tuesday night. And call Janeen Vanko at 224-678-4901 to book any shows. “Let’s make it happen,” says Vanko.
Neenie’s House is located at 481 Marsh Ave., just off Palm Beach Boulevard


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