Neenie’s House presents StorySmack Oct. 8

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Neenie’s House will host its first ever “StorySmack” on Friday, Oct. 8 from 7 to 9 p.m.
StorySmack at Neenie’s House has its creative origin in the belief that everyone loves a good story and that being “Smack” in the middle of it makes the story even better.
Mary Lou Williams, local professional storyteller, will be teaming up with Sandra Coyle, local jewelry artist, to entertain attendees with an enchanting story about the roles that jewelry-making and storytelling have played in their lives and friendship over the past 17 years.
At StorySmack, Mary Lou and Sandra will delight visitors with an original performance of their story about how one went from college professor to jewelry designer while the other transformed from an unadorned “plain Jane” to the epitome of a “Jewelry Junkie.”

Audience members will be invited to play along as well; so, if you’d like, plan to bring a piece of jewelry that has a story to be told. For those who love to shop, Sandra will be showcasing a limited collection of her hand-made jewelry that started it all.
Plan to come to the East Palm Neighborhood and enjoy the art and craft of both the personal story and the story that a piece of jewelry – even one that’s sitting in your jewelry box – can evoke.
Join this night of creativity and conversation on Friday, Oct. 8 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Neenie’s House Arts & Cultural Emporium, 481 Marsh Ave., Fort Myers.
For additional information, contact Janeen Vanko, owner, at 224-678-4901. Jump out of the box and visit a true Florida local neighborhood. “Bring it on to East Palm,” adds Vanko. More information can be found at


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