Pollution or Solution, Doomscroll exhibits at Davis Art Center in June

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The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center announces two art exhibitions opening during Art Walk on Friday, June 7.
Pollution Or Solution, an open call to artists, will be featured in the downstairs Grand Atrium, and the show Doomscroll by artist Nick Masiello will be on display in the upstairs Capital Gallery.
Pollution Or Solution runs June 7- 27. The current era, the Anthropocene Era, is characterized by the profound alterations made by humanity to every facet of life on this planet. One significant consequence of these changes is the rampant proliferation of pollution. Pollution, in essence, refers to the act of contaminating or degrading the environment, rendering it unsuitable or hazardous for use due to the introduction of man-made waste. While pollutants can occur naturally, such as volcanic ash, they are often the byproduct of human activities, such as the disposal of trash or the runoff generated by industrial factories.
Prizes awarded by the jury will include Best in Show – $500, SBDAC Pick – $250 and People’s Choice – $250.
Featured upstairs is Doomscroll by artist Nick Masiello. Doom Scrolling is humorously defined as “the act of spending an excessive amount of time reading large quantities of negative news online, even though that news is saddening, disheartening or depressing.” Nick began a new series of paintings just months before Hurricane Ian hit in September 2022, not knowing how much impact the series would have on him, nor what Ian would have on the series. Most of the materials are found items, of which he initially doubted he would have enough. However, after the storm, there was more material than he really knew what to do with. From that lived experience of surviving the storm and its aftermath, an idea for a show was formed. Stranded for a week without service or power, Nick craved the ability to get on social media and scroll for hours to take his mind off of what had just happened, the classic doom scroll. Once he was back home, Nick spent hours online saving memes and watching comedy videos to distract from the destruction, and felt some relief. However, that peace was shallow and brief, and as he began to travel around the area, taking photographs while discovering cast-off materials in the mounds of discards with beauty he could repurpose for his paintings, he found the peace he was seeking by helping hurricane victims and not in doom scrolling. Every part of that experience and the current state of Southwest Florida has gone into making these pieces, including objects from friends’ homes, personal effects that were both damaged and saved, paint that survived the flood water, images taken of the area, and mementos of times past, are all combined with the source that first gave him peace after it all- memes.
Opening night for both exhibitions will be June 7 from 6 – 10 p.m. On the rooftop, Friday Nights at Sidney’s will present Chris Bepko from 7 – 11 p.m. Both exhibitions will be on display through June 27. The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center is located at 2301 First St. in the downtown Fort Myers River District.
For more info, call 239-333-1933 or visit


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