Sea Grape Gallery begins 2021 with guest artists Eileen Amster and Pamela Jones

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Sea Grape Gallery announces that during the month of January, it will be showcasing the artworks of both Eileen Amster, oil and acrylic artist, and Pamela Jones, “Buddhaquaries” Shrine artist.
Eileen Amster’s father first placed a paint brush in her hands at the early age of three and at eight she won her first competition.
After graduating Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, Eileen attended Pratt Institute majoring in Fine Arts and Painting where she studied under two noted artists, Jake Laundau and Richard Lindner. Her art has been exhibited in such notable venues as Lincoln Center, Mari Gallery, and LaMouch in Manhattan.
Eileen has been recognized as an “Accomplished Contemporary Artist”, registered with the National Registry of American Artist in D.C. She works primarily in oils and acrylics. As Eileen says, “I never use additives or driers in my media, and I prefer painting on virgin linen canvas which I stretch and prepare myself.” Her most recent paintings are of cats. She enjoys painting from photos that people send her of their own cats.

Pamela Jones

Pamela Jones always wondered if she became an artist, what kind of art would she be drawn to creating. Since she always has been attracted to religious, ethnic and folkloric imagery, roadside memorials, home alters and shrines, she began making assemblages that reminded her of Catholic reliquaries. As Pam explains, “these little shrines that I design look like something a monk might have taken along on his journeys.”
Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Pam has been designing “Buddhaquaries,” which are portable shrines that are meant to evoke feelings of peace, joy and hopefulness. Each of her artworks is designed using old, discarded stuff and everyday odds and ends that she has picked up in her travels, even in parking lots. Many of Pam’s artworks are in private collections in Florida, Washington, D.C., New York City, and other major cities around the country.
Both Eileen and Pam’s artwork can be viewed on Sea Grape’s website at Sea Grape Gallery is located at 113 W. Marion Ave. in downtown Punta Gorda. To learn more about Sea Grape’s guest artist program, call 941-575-1718.


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