Sea Grape welcomes Robert Richard and Pamela Richardson in February

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Sea Grape Gallery announces that during the month of February it will be showcasing the art of both Pamela Richardson, fiber artist, and Robert Richard, wood sculptor.
Pamela Richardson spent many years teaching art, design and textile design in several colleges until she decided to retire to Florida where she could devote more time to creating her art. She creates colorful fabric collages and painted silk scarves. Pam explains that she is intrigued by exploring the changing intensity of light and sub-tropical palette in southwest Florida’s environment.
Her abstract “improvisational” collages are assembled from multiple design units of strips of fabric, the whole composition emerging like a jig-saw puzzle. When abstracting from a photograph, Pam fuses raw edge fabric shapes in layers on a painted or dyed ground. While designing her artwork, Pamela says, “I pay close attention to value and intensity of color, creating illusions of depth and volume”.

Robert Richard

Robert Richard discovered his love of art and nature after a career in software development and education. He began to teach woodworking at a local high school in Grafton, Mass., which provided him with valuable hands-on experience with a variety of materials and techniques. Once Bob started spending winters in Florida, he began to focus on developing his carving skills creating beautiful relief and 3D wood sculptures both in the human figure and abstract designs. His love of nature and the beauty nature creates in wood is a major driving force in his creations.
As Bob says, “I see nature as the creator of beauty and see myself obligated to bringing that beauty to the forefront of my work”. Bob has one of his pieces of artworks on permanent display at Punta Gorda’s Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Gardens, being only one of 12 internationally renowned artists on display at the Gardens.
Their artwork can also be viewed on Sea Grape’s website at Sea Grape Gallery is located at 113 W. Marion Ave., Punta Gorda. To learn more about Sea Grape’s guest artist program call 941-575-1718.


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