Tower Gallery welcomes art lovers to Sanibel

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By Elise Sewell
Hurricane Ian hit Sanibel Island last September and devastated everything in its path. There was constant contrast of the sound of rescue helicopters over head and silence. No one could drive to the island due to the bridge having been destroyed.
We worried about our artist friends who hadn’t evacuated and our charming 108 year old building that held our beautiful gallery. We worried that the paintings, sculptures and jewelry that had been left would be found destroyed.
One by one we heard that our artist friends were okay. All of their homes were flooded and destroyed but they were okay.
The day finally came that someone could go check out the state of our beautiful gallery. The news was truly incredible. Tower Gallery was virtually untouched by the storm. The back door was blown open. The air conditioner was flooded out. Trees were down. Our tree sculpture in front of the gallery was bent but the building was intact and our artwork was virtually untouched. Our gallery lived. Miracles do happen.
Please come visit us! We are 20+ artists strong. Our work ranges from oil, acrylic, and watercolor painters, textile artists, beautiful pottery, woodworking, metalwork, fine jewelry and more.
Tower Gallery is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday through the summer and is located at 751 Tarpon Bay Road on Sanibel Island.
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