Unearthed exhibit on display at Alliance for the Arts in February

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The Alliance for the Arts invites the public to its opening reception of Unearthed: Camyljah Rose and Khaysie Tiburcio on Friday, Feb. 3 from 5 to 7 p.m. The free event features the works of Camyljah Rose and Khaysie Tiburcio, as well as light refreshments provided by Jayne Baker. The exhibit will be on display Feb. 3 – 25 at 10091 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers.
Through their individual practices, Camyljah Rose and Khaysie Tiburcio create art meditating on the idea of discovery. Both artists approach their work with a sense of playfulness. Through experimentation, they allow their practice to evolve and change organically, letting one piece grow into the next. This exhibition presents a series of paintings made on the artists’ road to self-discovery. Each painting represents an idea or emotion the artist has unearthed from the tangled roots of her mind. Camyljah and Khaysie each paint in an effort to understand herself, and with the hope of being understood by the viewer.

Camylijah Rose Giddens

Camyljah Giddens is a Georgian gardener and artist with work focusing on shared human experiences and relating those with flowers. She graduated from Albany State University with a concentration on Fine Art in 2017. After graduation, Giddens shared her education and experience with children as a Visual Arts Teacher.
As a gardener, Camyljah is fascinated by the parallel between gardening and human relationships. The act of gardening, intentionally guiding the growth of a living thing, makes her reflect on her relationships. She sees flowers as the visual manifestation of the battle happening in the root. Her work uses color and florals to portray conflict, repair, and the scale of the human experience.
Khaysie Tiburcio is trumpeter and artist based in Florida. Born in the Dominican Republic in 2004, where she was first introduced to painting at 4 years old and inspired by her artist uncle Cristian Tiburcio. She views art as a direct extension of her personality and curiosity. Through the use of mixed mediums and abstract styles, Khaysie explores different themes, techniques, events, and emotions that she and others have experienced.
Khaysie’s work combines bright colors and playful ambient spaces to create a sense of curiosity. Plants feature in her work as a reference to growth. She sees her paintings as a direct reflection of her personality.
Meanwhile, Sherry Diaz’s art will be on display in the member gallery, and Kinfay Moroti will have a display in the theatre gallery.
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